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Our Mission

Through learning sustainable practices and increasing self-reliance; students, their families & their communities can create the lives they imagine for themselves.

Our Values

We believe in the importance of being Community Co-created, Youth-Driven, Holistic, and Sustainable. 


Our work provides an authentic learning experience focused on the whole learner, the whole family, and the whole community.  

Our Philosophy

At We Are FARMily, learners are viewed as rivers.  The beginnings are often small, with their paths shaped by the lands on which they exist, and their impact limited.  However, provided essential environmental factors, they grow. As they transition from mentees to mentors through their work at We Are FARMily, so do they transform into mighty rivers with the ability to shape the lands on which they live.

We are located in southern Colorado, just east of the Rocky Mountains, and proudly serve the students, families, and communities of Pueblo and Huerfano counties.  

The Team


In my work as a living skills counselor in a home for boys and as a paraeducator for elementary and middle school students with social emotional disabilities, I consistently observed the power of the outdoors, good nutrition, and holistic health practices in my students as well as those who supported them.  I am the lead for the sustainable practices, and healthy living programming at We Are FARMily.  Doing work that helps increase individuals' voice and self-worth through empowerment is what makes me excited to wake up each morning.

Co-Executive Director

Jenn White

As an educator for 16 years, I have taught in both traditional and non-traditional settings. I learn by doing and have tried to incorporate this into every area of my experience from middle school history to high school visual and digital art, to leading a makerspace for students of all ages. This amazing journey has led me to becoming a co-executive director for We Are FARMily.  I am the lead for the outdoor education and makerspace with an environmental and agricultural focus.  Building equity and providing authentic learning opportunities from the ground up, whether indoors or out, is what drives me.

Co-Executive Director

Jesse White

All Tatum’s life, all she’s ever wanted to do is help people. Growing up she’s always done just that; it never mattered if it was friends or family.  Tatum says she does this, “With the help of my loving father and the greatest stepmom I could ever ask for.” She is now a Junior at Rye High School and is involved with Cheerleading and (SOS) Sources of Strength. Recently when Tatum had the opportunity to intern with four different companies, she chose to apply to We Are FARMily.  She explains the rationale behind her choice, “They were the only ones who ended up having all the different things I’ve always wanted to do as potential jobs. The great thing was that they were all mixed into one thing, which meant I didn’t have to choose just one I could do them all at one time.”  Tatum spends her Fridays at the center site, various locations in town, and traveling with We Are FARMily’s staff to special events. “What I like the most about it is, not only do I learn something new every time I’m with them, I get to experience things in a different way than I have ever been able to do before. The time I’ve spent with We Are FARMily so far has made me even more excited for what the future might hold for me.”

High School Intern

Tatum Gibbs
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We are proud to be a part of the HadaNou Collective, a Colorado based non-profit and pathway for community-driven leaders to build high-quality, sustainable, equitable institutions.

Check out their website at hncollective.org!